This two-manual and pedal instrument is a combination of a study and continuo organ in its simplest form.

Manual I :
Principal 8’ C – B transmission Bourdon 8’ or independent.
Prestant 4’

Manual II:
Bourdon 8’
Flute 4’

Pedal: pull-downs to manual I
Manual compass: C – g’’’, transposable to: 392/415/430/440/460 Hz., in all temperaments.
manual shove coupler: I + II

The two chests are at the bottom of the instrument, enabling the player to be in contact with the ensemble. The pipework is therefore on one level, making it easily accessible and excluding tuning problems caused by differences of temperature. The wind supply, incorporated in the instrument, guarantees a wind that is stable but not tense.
The instrument is fitted with wheels. The stoplist can be enlarged.